Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Stones, Life and Roadways

Thank God, Charles is OK. He just passed a kidney stone. Now that son  of mine is not ever sick, I mean really sick. Oh when he was born he was deathly ill, as in 50/50 chance of surviving.
God gave him 100%. As the years progressed, he would get a little fever and begin to hallucinate. He always came in and slept on the foot of my bed when he was sick.
Oh how I miss those days, those days of being able to help and rub foreheads, of adding a cool damp towel to the head that ached,  and was known to check their temp several times a night. Mostly I miss kneeling by that bed and praying for them. Having that Mama and Daddy touch.
Now we kneel and pray and know God  is still on his throne.

Tomorrow we plan on leaving Red Bluff for YC. Returning on Sunday and leaving out again on Tuesday for Seattle. I think we are doing pretty good on taking one day at a time.
Maybe we will leave early and get to " Seven Feathers" and spend a night or two. Maybe make it to Cottage Grove Oregon, That sweet town  has More covered bridges than anywhere we have traveled plus they have a motel with more gardens than I have seen. Each one is a theme. I always get ideas there.

OH OH OH, One of the tenants here, had lights on a tree by his space. We were in awe. They were awesome. We stood at 10 pm and tried to figure out why we could  see no wires.
Morning came and I met him at his Motor Home. I asked, "May I ask you a question."
He smiled and said, "NO"
I said, "OK I will  anyway, I am arkie and I talk a lot and I must know"
What are those lights on your tree. They are amazing, we looked up again and still no  wires.
He then showed us his Laser light. It shines on the tree, from the ground and appears to be little lights walking all over the tree. In fact it appeared they were climbing the tree.
Yep I have already looked them up on the Internet. His were blue. I found blue and mostly I find red and green for holidays.
Blue it is, as soon  as I am sure the money is there to cover them and I do not feel like I am wasting money.
So many things to talk about on this journey. Remember I said, "Originally this was a trip, Now it is a journey, a journey of trust, faith and Love.
God is good to us.

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