Monday, April 21, 2014



Yep my life in a nutshell.

Now look at that word, DON'T. That is as negative as you can get.,

OK then I shall post something positive.

Cant think of a thing. LOL

OH I think, Think I have my jeans for the reunion. Yep I am wearing jeans.
Or Not, I also have white capris, Who knows? Only the night of May 3rd.  will tell.

David is not ready yet. I have to shorten all his active wear. He has to wear that as he can't button his pants any longer. (His right hand does not work, and No he has not gained the weight, it is just that stubborn right hand)
Now he needs pull on active wear.
I have three days to get it all done, packed and on the plane. Da  Plane, Da Plane, I see Da Plane.
Or Not.
I  see a lot of work to accomplish in a short time.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday night

Long night.

Today was work so I was up and at it pretty early.

I have to say, I woke to a mower moving our field. Thank you Lee.
Thank you so Much,

I have so much to do before leaving here in a week,


Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Call it

Call it what you want but it can not change what it is.

Call it what it is.

My prayers are with my Son and Children.
 I slept pretty good last night but to face
 my daily grind is difficult.
 I want to be there for Ken and the children,
Their youthful years are  precious few, then they become adults.
Influences in youth can change the outlook of adults.
I pray these are not hurt by the changing events in their life.
What is ???? Doing?????????????
Where is God in all this??????????

We see evidence of it every day, Every minute, Every phone call.
We know we tried to lead our children in Gods path. Make mistakes?
Yes we did, but we tried to stay Godly in all our choices.
Tried I said, I did not say we did.

But Call it what it is.

My Place

To Scream.

However I can not scream what is inside me, It lingers at the back of my mind.
IT often makes to the front and I spill over.
Last night I just went to bed early.

Today is a driving day and a sad day and a Happy Day.
Thank you Caylum for making a bad day into a positive day.

So now I wonder do I move my fanny and get dressed or go like I am , In David's  silk shorts and a tee shirt or do I dress appropriately?

Well all I CAN do is hit the wrong key too fast and here I go misspelling loads of words, Even the was wrong.

I  did get the yards mowed. edged blown off and the limbs raked.
I did get to empty the pool skimmer at least a dozen times.
In case you think it is the one on the side, think again, It was the one that catches all the muck from the bottom of the pool when you vacuum.
Now I have to clean the filters.
David helped all he could. He did push the vacuum with his left hand and did some of the edging.
Then I cut a huge tree off the side of a tree and we tried to pull it out of the yard. (it was a dead side to our flowering pear)
Nope not going to do that, I was pulling with all I had and found myself horizontal with the yard.
I then cut it into 4 pieces so it was manageable.
SHASTA DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

I am too tired to do this any more Ken, Get this house sold at any cost.
I want out.

However I must add, that two hours out there seemed like an 8 hour day. I did try to think positive and pray and sing as I mowed but I had no song in my heart.

Today I wake to David fretting over the books. He has to quit that job. HE HAS TO.
Just using the keyboard is torture for him.
He says NO I CANT. And he may be right, IF he stops using his brain, it will shrivel up too.
Just as he has in the last year. He is down to 184, his face is emaciated. His right shoulder is gone and he is Miserable.
If he is miserable, then so am I.

So Miserable Us need to shower and pack.
Not leaving as soon as we thought. Should be there by 3.
In time to think of feeding dinner to 6 munchkins.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bed Time

For all us OLD people.
It has been as my daughter put it, A horrible month, (or something like that)

We never know what will happen in our lives, We must take it as it comes and pray for strength.

Today my strength lacks. I am sad, I am hurt, I am let down, I am at a loss as to WHY, I am just not me and have a hard time being me.

So with that I shall try to get some rest as tomorrow is Work again.
Then I will take a little trip to see a special family and watch as a young man receives an award from the County school board, and the City, County school board.
Yes a pretty full two days. Then back to work.

Oh and Princess has a birthday on Sunday. Yea, Go Kiara.
Papaw and I have your presents which you will receive on Tuesday.

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Tomorrow I work a few hours and David will be here reading or sleeping or watching movies.

I can set up the system for him before I leave.

Problems hit on every corner. As I drove into town on Friday, I noted my panel light was on. I drove into the Service Station, (Yes we have one in Redding). (Union 76 on Bechelli)
Jeff, came out and checked my oil, It was fine. He then looked at my panel and said, "That is your emission light"
OH NO!!!
So on Tuesday I have my smog test and see what needs done, Maybe a new gas cap.
Please God, Just a new gas cap will be good enough.
When I called for the appointment, I told him it was an 06, with less than 48,000 on it.
His response. "You have not  broken that car in yet."
Yes that is pretty good for an 8 year old car.
In fact my insurance fees are going down on our next quarter. For both cars.

I  promised David  a trip to town today but my body would not move. It wanted to sleep and sleep.
That is how I deal with life. Go to sleep and the problems will go away.
That  is a fact. I sleep through my problems and the more I sleep the less I worry.
When you sleep you do not have to think. However those problems can hit your dreams and you wake shivering and crying.
Searching for an answer when maybe there is no answer.

So right now I need one of you to come here and help me turn a King mattress. It needs turned and I only know one way to do it.
Slide it off the bed, go under and pull it back on.
Yeah a lot of work but David and I switched sides of the bed, (so he could get in and out better) and  I feel like I am sleeping in a hole.
He has changed the shape of the mattress. No he is  not huge but his rocking to get up has made the mattress and foam pads break down.
Now I go to move and make the bed. Kind of late in the day but what does it matter.
We NEVER have company and we just stay in our jammies all day.

I also need to get our meds  ordered from Canada. We are leaving here shortly and want to be stocked up. I think Cassie will be taking care of things here.
Pool service is ordered. Now if it ever stops raining so I can balance the pool.
I changed my Cancer testing to May. I told the doctor I did not want to go to an airport with a letter and still be frisked. So May it is.

When we go to the spelling bee in April, we already have a room. How cool is that? The school has reserved a room for us and the parents.
In the next week or so Caylum has two School board honors we are going to attend. One is Yuba Sutter and One is Sutter county.
I only wish Charles and Sheri were here to go with us. It would be such an honor to all be together again. However we live too far apart to go to such meetings.
Oh Someday, Some Happy Day.

I need to find some pull on pants for David, He cannot button his pants and he is down to two pair that fit.
He has lost more weight and I try to get him to eat better  but he is disgusted with his arm and will not cooperate with me. I can not blame him as he is trying and he does eat but his appetite is almost gone. UNLESS it is a Sweet item, then he chows down.

So with that I better get my Move On and get that bed changed.
Prayers are much appreciated as I am too OLD for this.

Love to all,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Full Week

I am not sure when this week began, As usual it begins on Sunday but that day has erased from my memory.
Lots of phone calls, Lots of tears, Lots of worry about things.
God did not intend us to worry.
He does not lift our load at night, for us to reach over and pick it up the next morning.
(I am good at that)

 6Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time,
 7casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
 8Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.…

And devour he can. He will and He will eat all  our joy.

I want to always stay humble before God. Some days it is so hard to just let go and Let Him take control.

Well as you all know, Caylum is going to State spelling Bee, He spelled words I can not spell. Maybe I could have, Years ago, but not now. My brain is slow. Such as Embezzlement. (that was corrected by spell check)
Then on to more hard words. He just knows, but he is a constant reader and he will grasp words and hides them in his mind for later use.
Are we proud? Of course but it does not take our pride from any of our grandchildren or children.
We know God is in control of their lives, Each person has a special place in our hearts and minds.
We pray we have a place in theirs. We want them to always remember good times with Mamaw and Papaw.
Spelling Bee? well it is one day before we fly out of here for Oklahoma. We have house sitters and pool sitters and life happening.
He will have a word list and you can bet it will be twice as long as the previous word list.
Give him the time he needs to know and be prepared.
Next year we are certain to see Kiara in the Bee. She loves to spell and competition is Keen with her.
Leila we give her a few years but she can spell "Pee" She told me, "Mamaw I can spell Pee." I smiled and said, "You can, How"
"P E E" she said, I then told her to go tell her Daddy. I swear I did not put her up to it.
She just wants to spell words. Like "Do" Then Even asked her to spell the other word Dew.
She was then confused. OK she is in Kindergarten. She will get there.

So David is in Bed early. He was wiped out and frustrated.
So much on his heart and mind.

Tomorrow I begin my outdoor work and that bothers him a lot.
 Hey it has to be done. We can not afford to hire all this done.  I can do it, Maybe a little slow but it will be done.
So in your prayers remember us and the sale of this big acreage to take care of. We need out so we have little work to do.
Kind of getting lazy in our old age.