Saturday, May 16, 2015


Ecclesiastes 3:1-4

Good reasons to wake each day. It is time to dance.
As David and I sat by the fire pit at Durango RV Resort, I had an idea.
Suddenly I hummed the first musical notes of Bobby Vinton, "Love How You Love Me"
BTW that is OUR song.
I looked at David, he smiled, we rose and began to dance, with me singing the words softly.
Yeah Let the whole camp watch, We are still in Love after 52 years and sometime Love can burst out of  our hearts!!!!
It was a beautiful moment in our travels and we think of it every time we see the pits burning.
You must go on line to  view this Resort. You dont even have to leave your spot, just sit down and watch the river go by, walk among the MANY MANY motor homes and no two with the same name.
We are surrounded by Lavender, Red  and white Roses, several varities of Lillies,  Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Bottle Brush plants, groves of beautiful trees, Trees I am trying to  find the name of so  I can plant them in OKlahoma.  There is  a huge pool and spa, massage parlor and many people  to meet. IN fact you  know us, we go and talk to most of them. We met one amazing  couple  that were so much fun to visit. She is a rock hound. TRuly, she had lots of polished rock. Every time she handed me one of her BEAUTIFUL ROCKS or jewelry pieces,  I cringed. I am sometime clumsy. Some of the rocks you could see through. AMAZING

When I invited them to stop to see us in  Ramona she literally jumped and bounced on the sofa. She was so happy. She is Laura, he is David. They are just a little older than our oldest child.
I realized that as we sat at dinner, Suddenly I look  at David, my David and say, "Hon they are about our childrens age"
We all laughed as we all  felt like old friends. They are from Vacaville.
 Yesterday, Sharon and Bob from Grass Valley then we met  A really young couple  with two Home Schooled  kids from Bakersfield area. We had a great visit and he told us how to get through Bakersfield to our camp.
He is an oil field worker, wait not a worker, an enviornmental consultant.
How we loved watching the kids play.

Now we are here on a Saturday and just vegetating.
Learning how to totally unwind and relax. I am getting pretty good at it for the time being.
I  better relax, my new home needs lots of TLC.

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