Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Mom

Why do I have such a tough time when I recall all my Mom's trials.
Yes she had trials but she never failed to kiss my Dad good morning. (He was a kisser)
He called her Baby or Darling. (I have that on record as told to me and Sheri in 1986.)
He sat down in his recliner and she brought him a cup of coffee.
In his last days he spent most of his time in Pajamas.
She was waiting on him and scared, knowing his time was probably short.
I can still see his face as she handed him his coffee. His smile and Thank You.

They had communication and it was usually funny, (sometimes they fussed)  but my favorite is seeing their two chairs, side by side with a lamp table between. That table held a lamp, two cups of coffee and their hands as they reached across to hold hands.

Yes my Mama took care of my dad for a while. (In her words, Not long enough)
If he began passing out she was right on the floor beside him, getting his nitro and cradling his head.

He died two weeks after I turned 11.

God I missed him so much, BUT I had a Mama that was always there.
She was at our bedside when we became ill, She was up in the middle of the night praying when she knew things were out of order.
She sat up until we came home from Dates.
She taught us to be self sufficient, (girls).
She taught us to ALWAYS freshen up before our husbands came home from work.
She told me, (Comb your hair and put on a fresh dress)
Mama was always well kept.
She ALWAYS prayed for God to let her live to raise her children.
He did just that.
She ALWAYS  prayed she would not die alone.
(Not one more person could have crowded in her room, as she took her last breath)
God answered that prayer.

So today I am missing her but I have her teaching in my heart,
I have her example of holding hands, kissing occasionally, slow dancing in the kitchen, (Not Mama but Daddy would have loved to) He loved music and dance.
He loved to  laugh Loud and Long, (just like my Charles)
He loved practical jokes. (I do that occasionally)
I see her up early making  the coffee and a big pan of Hot Fresh Biscuits.

Yes Mama was my guide and I will never forget her guidance.
Love is what you make it, or what makes you.

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