Sunday, February 08, 2015

Good Lord

It has been a long time since I posted. What has been happening?
 Not a lot, other then seeing changes each day. Losses of loved ones, Friends being there for you, Family drifting and OH Yes my cousin, Jim Ed Brown producing another single.
Neighbors you take for granted but who always keep a watchful eye out. (I asked them to watch if David came out to work)
So much.
As of January, my endocrinologist has told me to stay off work until we get my thyroid hormones under control. He has kept them really high, (on purpose) To make sure no thyroid cancer cells left the area of their habitation.
Sounds weird to me.
However as he put me off work, the house has sold.
Why am I not jumping for joy? I am tired, Tired, tired. Hence the reason I do  not work.
If I can not work and get paid, How can I work here and pack?
Good question..
I have slowly moved items to the rec room for selling, However it looks like a junk pile.
The other rooms, on the other hand are looking quite empty.
The living area, I have piled all my photo albums on the table, with the full intention of putting stray photos in them, but alas they lay in piles, with the photo box (overflowing )  on the floor beside the table.
That has been the home for two  weeks.
I open my bowl cabinet today and suddenly realize, "WHY DOES ANYONE NEED SO MANY BOWLS?" A four foot upper cabinet with 4 shelves, all full.
 I still have the first stainless steel  bowls from my first mixer.
My Mamas green bowls, (which go to my daughter) my bowls I love to eat cereal from and our set of clear bowls, just because, Oh yeah, Two sets of just because bowls. My really old bowls with the side lips on them. Green and white with small etched flowers.
 Now lets not get to the ones that go with sets of dishes. Dang!!!!!
Double Dang!!!!
I want to get to YC to see my grandbabies. Gosh when I think of them I tear up.
I tear up when I think of anything, anybody or nothing at all. (Like my mind is never busy)
Dang again.
So now you have a post. I have a post and I am still thinking and sweating.
Dang I detest these hormones.
Must get busy, Anyone want to help????

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Sheri said...

The medium sage green bowl with white flowers...I need it. Really... Need it.