Sunday, February 22, 2015

Work to Do

We had a friend come out to help us out yesterday. His work is impeccable. Me on the other hand wants to go out and help him out.
David reminds me, "That is why I hired him"
Oh our previous helper, He is in school and some of this work has to be carpentry.
Bill has helped build houses.
Not one minute does he waste. Always on the go and besides that he used his push mower to clear the front yard. I told him he could use the tractor but he declined. He likes pushing his mower. OK Whatever.
I went out and bought gas and a tank of propane to burn the pile with. We have a huge burn pile. Not one I want to do, So Bill gets to do that.
I can pull all the haul away out and get it stacked for, again I say haul away.
I can spray the grass at fence edge. I can move the trellis.
If only I could get David out of here to go take a hike or something, then I am free to hurry and get it done.
He watches me like a hawk.
On Wednesday we get a new pool pump, I want to move the old one back to the hot tub, I can do that and save about $95. Alas I have a hawk watching every move I make.
I want to spray inside the pool fence. I can do that.
So much I can do to save money. David is sometime a JERK. I Love this jerk but can he just let me do as I want??????
His response, "Cant you just let me make one decision?"
Me, "No your decisions cost more money"

Now we wait, wait, wait on the appraisal. I sure hope all this work is doing something good. As in getting me ahead of the curve. I have loads of crates packed and need to pack more.
I am being very careful with my glassware. I want Madi to get my 53 year old dishes in tact. Madi I got them when I was 15 and Papaw and I used them on anniversaries, birthdays, etc. then our family grew and I did not have enough so they became something we looked at. I have slowly added missing pieces through Replacements LTD.
Again, each piece is being wrapped safely, but I must get out and buy more bubble wrap.
So that is one thing I can do.
That and Cough, Cough, cough, I was tempted to get out of bed at 1:30 and drive into Anderson to get something, anything, I even took a swig of Cognac. YUCK, that tasted like paint thinner.
I wanted the coughing to stop and I heard that would help. It did not!!!!!!!
But Alas, I stayed in bed and coughed  my lungs out until morning.

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Sheri said...

Liquid mucinex works great. Get rest, let dad make a decision.