Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let Me Tell You

A lot of things, You may or may not know.
On Tuesday we drove to YC, Two of our grandchildren were in a spelling bee.
Kiara won for her school, April Lane, Caylum won for his school Gray avenue.
OH MY GOSH. We got there just in time, Our Son, Ken saved us a seat and we were able to give the kids a "Go Get Them Kiddos!!"
 Last year Cay went to State.  He finished in the top 20 in the state.
This year he made it to round 2. Kiara went to round 2.
Before going she kept saying, "I AM GOING TO BEAT CAYLUM"
Well as it turned out  this year the words were big and difficult. They both missed by an A in their words., She got the word Correspondence, she used and A instead of an E.
He got the word, Rendezvous, he put an A instead of an E.
I say Coincidence or Fate.
They both did wonderful and Cay knew as soon as the A was out of his mouth is was wrong.
Kiara hesitated on her A. So they both knew.
You know winning is not everything, They made it to county, that is something I never did. I think I could  have and David was really great at spelling and he still is. Me not so much.
Ken and Charles and Sheri, (our children) are all very good at spelling and Ken excels in Math, Sheri exceled in English, Charles was great in both. Our neighbor wanted him to help her son Rick Belk in the subjects.

Now onto other news, We signed a contract to sell the house several weeks ago.
All this should have already been done but just yesterday they asked for a Water test.
Yes we are on a well. NO ONE in Churn Creek bottom has ever, (to our knowledge) had a water problem as in Iron, Chloric or E coli. So now we wait on that. We should have been handing keys over on Monday.
Then we get another termite inspection. Get this, it is on a 45 year old garage. OH  MY GOSH.
They wanted the house, the unattached work shop was a bonus. a MIL quarter,  a teens hang out, a storage shop. Whatever. And we had done a lot of work on it when we bought the land.
Now we have to do more. Maybe the buyer and agents can absorb some of that expense. Hope so.
Dang. It is OLD and decrepit like us.

We have given away so much and sold so much, if it drops out of escrow, (someone slap me) we will have to go out and buy a new Mustang, HA HA. More power equipment, All our lawn tools.
NO I will NOT think negatively, God is in control.
And believe it or not, I lie down at night and rest knowing he is guiding us every day.
Regardless of the outcome, we will be OK.

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