Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm Tired, I'm worn

I can not believe I have been living in a motor home for over a month. It is so different than anything I ever did or wanted to do. A camping I could  go, but to live, Na Not so much.
By thursday we will know  if the house we bid on has been appraised and how much?????
It is a 3 bedroom, two horrible baths and almost 1500 sq feet.
Horrible baths??? We plan to rip them out anyway. We must have handicapped access to more than is available in this house. House? Yes it is a house but it will soon become a HOME.
Lots of paint, accessorizing, knocking out walls, and pro help and I  will be good.
See I know  I  can do all this, but do I want to???
Of course I do, I love changes, Now IF I CAN just get David to go sit outside somehwere while  I do this I will be good.
See the problem is, David can not help with much and I  am the energizer bunny.
OH I  get tired and I  STOP.
He however can not handle my energy. He feels useless. I  call him sweetheart turn and grit my teeth.
I married him for better or worse, in sickness and in health. He took great care of me and our children, He was and is a Great Dad and Husband. With his health declining, I am sad and mad and not sure at times who  I am,, where I belong or if I belong. So see this has put a useless tag on me too.

Once I get to decorating and designing our home I  will snap back.
I Can Do All ThingS Through Christ, (who  always has my back) who strenghtens me.

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